Best of the Year 2021 Hamper


The "Best of the Year Hamper" has become an eagerly awaited seasonal update to the hamper range for our many returning customers. This is most certainly the hamper for food-lovers with a sense of discovery. The contents are a combination of new introductions that capture current trends and products that have particularly excited people over the past 12 months.

2021 is characterised by the continuing, exciting expansion of Irish-made drink ; products that are both great tasting and functionally conscious (e.g. vegan; sustainable) and tempting new creative food flavours in the midst of another very challenging year for producers and food providers.

Contents to wow include:

Valentia Island Vermouth, Kerry

Elstar Irish Apple Fine Wine, Cork

Poachers Classic Tonic, Wexford

Poachers Light Tonic, Wexford

West Cork Ground Coffee, Cork

Suki Tea, Belfast

Nutshed Cinnamon & Raisin Peanut Butter, Tipperary

White Mausu Spicy Ketchup, Dublin

Sea Sugar Sweets, Antrim

Blanco Nino Chilli & Lime Tortilla Chips, Tipperary

Keoghs Sour Cream Crinkle Crisps, Dublin

Too Savage Garlic Mayonnaise, Dublin

Maggie's Jam, Cork

Lodge Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Kerry

Seymours Persian Butter Biscuit Medley, Cork

Lodge Chocolate Truffle Box, Kerry

Note on small producer products: There may be variation in particular items depending on availability due to producer capacity during peak demand periods. In addition, there is a small number of fabulous new products being introduced late in 2021 that we hope to be able to include when they become available.

The nature of these products is that they are natural and some may have relatively short shelf life.