Living Well Giftpack


This is Just-What-the-Food-Loving-Doctor-Ordered (so to speak).

A living-well collection of Irish-made natural, tasty edibles from expert producers.

Keep energised, lubricated and boosted across the festive season and into the New Year.

Giftbox contains

Spoonful Botanical Fermented Fruits & Spices, Louth. 500g (c. 1 months supply)

Bob Mc Cutcheon's Pure Irish Honey, Cork. 

Phyterberry Aronia Berry Cordial, Cork (c. 1 months supply)

Ulla Apple Cider Gummies, Clare c.56 pieces (c. 2 months supply)

Just Eat Alittle Granola, Armagh

Roasted Golden Flaxseed, Westmeath

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