Wild Irish Foragers Wellness Syrups Selection Pack


Sharon Greene, of Wild Irish Foragers says it best of all "We feel we are listening to our land as caretakers rather than cultivators. Our land if left be is providing for us in a very natural way. We, nature and the wildlife can all live together in harmony and we can all thrive.. We strive to recreate a taste of the past, recipes that were used in a bygone era. Wild food used in this way is part of Irish Heritage. A simple taste that has almost been forgotten"

Enjoy these syrups as culinary ingredients or as straight up as a little boost of nature on a spoon, on your porridge or with hot water.

The selection pack contents vary. This one here contains:

Rosehip Syrup (traditionally a great source of vitamin C)

Spring Nettle Syrup (traditionally a natural antihistamine)

Elderberry Syrup (traditionally an antioxidant and immune system booster)