Dried & Glace Fruits


We love the Festive baking season. Festive baking can be costly though and it takes time, so its important that nothing is wasted nor lets down the finished product. For these reasons we stock only really, really good quality fruits and we custom pack them for you so you only get what you need for your recipe. Its lovely to come in and spend a little time tasting and choosing your fruits but if you can't do that why not e-mail  or phone us (+353 23 8854731) your list and we will prepare and post it to you anywhere in Ireland. Remember the final price will be confirmed with you once the order has been placed and prior to dispatch. Due to the "fresh" and "custom packed" nature of these foods, there is no-return/no-refund available however the usual customer care terms & conditions do apply. You can read them here.
The list of fruits available today are:


Raisins (Grape Based Dried Fruits)  €12/ Kg

Lexia Raisins (large)

Chilean Black Raisins (dark, medium)

Blue Thompson California Raisins (organic, small; use as currants)

Golden Raisins (large, tart)

Five Crown Sultanas (large/ medium)

Golden Sultanas (medium/ small)

Corinthian Currants (very small but still juicy)


Dried Fruits €15 - €40/ Kg

Soft Apricots

Baglama Figs

Prunes d'Agen

Wild Figs

Dried Cranberries

Dried (Sour) Cherries


Goji Berries


Glace & Crystallised Fruits €15 - €18/ Kg

Red Cherries

Green Cherries

Yellow Cherries

Natural Red Cherries (Dark)

Amarena Cherries




Citron Peel (Green)

Lemon Peel (1/4)

Orange Peel (1/4, Strips)

Orange Slices